Hello everybody.
10 years
ago today of that tragic day that stopped many of our hearts. Surely you
remember what you were doing that morning, and surely you were one of those
people who quickly picked up the phone to be sure that your family was OK and
that they were safe and sound. Many people weren’t that lucky. Many hovered between
life and death, and some didn’t make it. Many had to endure thousands of
surgeries and many still live in hell.
fought like a lion. Unfortunately, we had to do what any Spanish city would
have done. In the heat of the moment, Dr. Palencia, Dra. Lucas and Dr. Gomez-Tello
wrote in REMI the article: Solidarity with the victims of terrorism. that today
I share with all of you.
community Health Services demonstrated once again what kind of commitment we
have towards ourselves: users, patients, families and professionals. The health
response to the 11-M was a model of effectiveness, quality and professional
humanitarian devotion (quoting directly from the article E. Moreno, First
President of the SEMES).
In November
2004, was published in REMI, Hospital Care in the 11-M attacks,
based on
the review article published subsequently in Critical Care by Dr. J. Peral and
In 2005, in
the Spanish Journal of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, the article Care Experiencein the 11-M was published by Dr. J. Navia and his team.
All of them
are based on the personal and professional experience of the colleagues of the University
General Hospital Gregorio Marañón, although it might have been written by any
of us. But they had the misfortune of being direct part of the biggest
misfortune happened in Madrid.
Serve this
small homage for the memory. The memory of all. Living and Dead.
As the today
post by Dr. De Pablo in her beautiful blog that I invite you to read and
Because the
victims, families, professionals, Madrid, Spain…WILL ALWAYS BE PRESENT.
A hug in
one day as special as today.