Great news from the United States of America!

Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America has dedicated its number of June 2020 to Patient and Family Experience in the ICU. Our admired and beloved Judy Davidson has done a wonderful job of coordinating and editing.

These are the contents, where José Manuel Velasco and Gabi Heras have collaborated in chapter 2: Humanizing Intensive Care: From Theory to Practice

  1. Preface: Family-Centered Care: A Reflection
  2. Humanizing Intensive Care: From Theory to Practice
  3. Family Integrated Care for Preterm Infants
  4. The Best Medicine: Personal Pets and Therapy Animals in the Hospital Setting
  5. Sleep in the Intensive Care Unit: Biological, Environmental, and Pharmacologic Implications for Nurses
  6. Implementation of a Patient and Family-Centered Intensive Care Unit Peer Support Program at a Veterans Affairs Hospital
  7. Engaging Patients and Families to Help Research Inform and Advance Patient and Family–Centered Care in Critical Care Medicine
  8. Impact of Patient and Family Involvement in Long-Term Outcomes
  9. Implementation of a Standardized Patient/Family Communication Bundle
  10. One Team’s Experience with Integrating Flexible Visitation in the Medical Intensive Care Unit
  11. The Critical Care Nurse Communicator Program: An Integrated Primary Palliative Care Intervention
  12. Bereavement Care in the Adult Intensive Care Unit: Directions for Practice
  13. Enhancing Family-Centered Care in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  14. Intensive Care Unit Patient Diaries: A Review Evaluating Implementation and Feasibility
  15. Nurses’ Influence on Patient Wellbeing: Noise Reduction and Sunshine Therapy
  16. The Facilitated Sensemaking Model as a Framework for Family-Patient Communication During Mechanical Ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit

This is therefore a must read for all of us who firmly believe that another way of doing things is possible. Thank you very much from Project HU-CI for the invitation to participate in this incredible issue.

Keep doing #humanization!