As many of you are observing day by day (and yesterday this was a topic discussed in the second H-Webinar of the HU-CI Project on post-ICU syndrome), we have the feeling that COVID-19 affected patients admitted to ICU are developing very severe delirium. The cause, probably multifactorial: many days in mechanical ventilation and with sedoanalgesia and myorelaxation, possible side effects of the treatments, social and family isolation, inadequate care spaces due to improvisation of new structures…

In collaboration with Dr. Rafael Badenes, the ICU-Delirium of Vanderbilt led by Dr. Wesley Ely and Project HU-CI,, we want to make a simple picture of the situation and we need your help.

We ask you to join us as researchers in the Delirium COVID-19 study:

  1. International Retrospective Multicenter Collaborative Study.
  2. Objective: to report the prevalence of delirium in patients with COVID-19 admitted to the ICU, as well as their morbidity and mortality, identifying prognostic factors.
  3. Online database with REDCAP (simple and practical) that will include anonymized COVID-19 patients with documented delirium assessment, admitted to your units until April 14th (as maximum admission date).
  4. All persons collaborating in the study and data collection will be listed in the authorship.

It is essential that those who wish to participate regularly use one of the scales proposed to measure delirium, and that in the face of the difficulty of the pandemic, the registration data remain of good quality.

This is the protocol of the Delirium COVID study. As you can see, it is very simple and will be approved by the Ethics and Research Committee of the Hospital Clínico de Valencia.

If you are interested in collaborating, please fill in this form, closing date next TUESDAY APRIL 28th. We are launching a special invitation to the members of the Itaca group, Cairo group, the Liven Network, the scientific societies of the FEPIMCTI and the ESICM

We will contact all of you to verify  if your Unit could participate in this study, and with the aim of having as many patients as possible.

Together we multiply!


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