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Are you involved in infrastructure projects within a Hospital or clinical setting?
Whether you are coming from the architectural, planning side or the clinical side we probably don’t need to tell you about the challenges you are facing on an everyday basis when collaborating in these complex projects. The Dräger VisMed sets a unique platform where everyone involved in medical planning not only can meet and learn from each other, but also hear about the latest trends and developments in the market.

We bring you together with other experts, encourage you to openly and actively discuss, to share best practices and help you to see the world through your peer’s eyes. Through a mixture of international guest speakers, seminars and both practical and interactive workshops, you will have the opportunity to address the current and future status of a modern clinical environment.

Investing in an open exchange of communication will most definitely produce enormous results: a successful and efficient infrastructure project that is human centred.

Come and join our “Roundtable for Visionary Medical Workplaces”.

Humanize the ICU (Keynote speaker session)

Dr. Iñaki Saralegui Ph.D. Md.

(Intensive Care Specialist,  University Hospital de Álava)

During his Keynote speech, Dr. Saralegui will take us on a journey through the pitfalls, challenges and the reasons why we can still add value in improving patient outcomes and patient-centred-care through design and a more humanized approach.

About the speaker:

Dr. Saralegui, is an Intensive Medicine specialist, a University Specialist on BioEthics, and President of the Ethics Committee of OSI-Álava. He was trained on Respecting Choices in Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin (USA). Currently, he is a Facilitator of this Program and is responsible for all the activities related to communication with patients and families, joint planning of decisions and limits on vital support treatments. Dr Saralegui is one of the founding members of Proyecto HU-CI.

Bringing the home to the hospital – The Intensive Care environment

Dr. Vicente Gómez-Tello PhD. Md.

(Medical Assistant in Intensive care Unit Head of Intensive Care, University Hospital Moncloa, Madrid)

Building on the theme from this year’s Vismed Keynote speech, Dr. Gómez-Tello will broaden the discussion and debate from different sides of the equation around where a “humanized” approach can enhance actual patient-centred care, providing positive deviations to hospital costs and shortening patient stays. What impact does this have when planning our Intensive Care departments? He will take us through the main factors, all of which have been extensively researched.

About the speaker:

Dr. Gómez-Tello is currently working as an Intensivist in Hospital Clínica Moncloa, and is also Professor within the Simulation Centre in the University of Medicine of Universidad Europea in Madrid. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr Tello is also responsible for the Architectural Workplace Design team within the previously mentioned Proyecto HU-CI group.

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