I’m Julia, psychologist internal resident. A few weeks ago I joined the service of the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia to start my training and I bring good news.

These new days have been exciting, and I never would have imagined that in my first meeting with the staff of Psychology would appear within the points of the day an H.

From the ICU of the hospital we had received a demand from the Head of the service to incorporate a psychologist in the unit. I couldn´t avoid a smile of triumph; it was spreading. Then came what could not be of another way: an affirmative nod followed another and suddenly, we find ourselves discussing how we could implement the proposal.

But we are realistic, we know the limitations of the service that makes the request: the Hospital Clínico Universitario has not precisely good economic times and one of the departments most affected is the intensive care unit, but let’s not forget that every project always begins with a request.

By the same way, we’d love multidisciplinary teams would set-up as the new paradigm, hopefully spreading like a virus by all departments!. Also wish I would like to be able to live this change that is beginning to lay foundations and if it doesn’t I will rejoice that next residents can participate in this great project because I am sure that late or early it will become a reality.

Before starting my career I knew that I wanted to devote to something related to the human factor, then you realize that human factor is all, you can not remove it. This is the message that you should get and Gabi spreads so well.

I hope our mouths never stop to take a breath to propagate it

Júlia Prieto