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Very interesting article published online first in  Intensive Care Medicine  talking about family fatigue and sleepiness.

In Half of the family members of critically ill patients experience excessive daytime sleepiness”,  Dr. Verceles and his team of Baltimore University study Sleepiness and fatigue in ICU family members.

They used several Scales (Epworth Sleepiness Scale y the Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire-10, FOSQ-10)  and psychomotor vigilance testing, a test of cognitive function, in relation to sleep deprivation (normal mean reaction time less than 500 ms). 

A total of 225 family members were assessed, and more than a half suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness. This sleepiness is associated with functional impairment, but not cognitive blunting.

Certainly all of this conclusions seem very logical  and that we should keep in mind in order to help families and recommend their own rest.

What do you think?
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