Hola a tod@s, my dear rogue:

On Thursday we decided to roll us blanket to the head and accept the invitation of the Gazapitos School, in Pozuelo de Alarcón in Madrid, to teach the children that the health professionals also can be fun people.

We present two links:

One, the report carried out in school that you can visit by clicking here;

And two, the video they made and which served as a gift for us by the collaboration:

In a small village next to Madrid, children think that health workers laugh, don’t hurt, take care about others and do hens with latex gloves. Small changes in our environment will generate global change.

Many thanks to Gazapitos on behalf of José Sesmero and Gabi Heras for the good time we spent and remind children that we are and that sometimes it so hard to share.

Congratulations on your school to which by the way, everybody can take their children with the absolute certainty that you’ll be quiet and they will learn the most human values.

When I  would be a kid, I wanna  go to Gazapitos!

Happy day!

PS: now there’s nothing left, future editors! Best wishes!!!