I don’t know if you would agree with me or not, but I think that any book created from the sincerity of who we are, is nothing but an act of giving of oneself. An unconditional surrender to the current that carries us along, wherever it leads, whatever its waters might bring. What it really comes down to is, once you surrender that which comes from your own experience, you move aside, be present and listen to what comes from Higher than Air so that it flows through you, just as the scribe remains true to what is dictated to him.
At times the surrender is so potent and sincere that upon lighting the fire in your heart and allowing the heat to reach your soul, you manage to untie impossible knots, get rid of thousand-year old burdens and, as you remove all that weight, you provide space for what’s new, as if a waterfall were cleansing our inner self of contamination and waste. Then the best part is you don’t do anything, although in my case I went through sadness, longing, desperation, happiness and love while writing, none of this disoriented me, because there had always been a purpose, a unique source from which the words poured forth with the same energy that was magically transmitted to this selection of pieces that I have divided into three parts: light, life and love. Light, that which we carry within us. Life, everything that surrounds us and on which we focus our light. Love, the state which transforms your life into a work of light.

When I finished, or rather this book finished itself, upon re-reading it I discovered that I did not recognize Javier behind the majority of the writings. There was something not quite mine, a higher purpose beyond my encomium. That’s why after I put titles to the texts I realized that all the headings formed a book within another book, and that this also made perfect sense. They were the links of a chain, a breviary of prayers or appeals that in addition to summarizing the essence of each text, in some way they try to encourage you, reader, to bring to your life some of the things that are expressed in these pages, just as I try to put them into practice with more or less success.

Perhaps the most important thing I could say about Higher than Air is that during the time in which the words came pouring out of the divine fountain, they helped me to overcome difficult moments, to find balance, empty myself of emotions to later fill myself with love. It was a healing process that helped me to reencounter the being that I had lost in the fires and ashes of the earth.
That’s why what would really make me happy is if this book complied with the purpose for which it was most likely whispered to me: to illuminate your own light, to provide clues and signs of glory which inhabit you and which inhabit the world, to leave a trail of bread crumbs that mark a path that will guide you toward being more in tune with yourself and with the new world that’s coming, emerging among the ruins of the dark ancient castles that were constructed to dominate us. Because now is the time to be lighthouses, time to focus the light for the rest of the shipwrecked which so many times we are.

If I were a doctor of the soul, I
would tell you that this medication does not have any side effects; you can take it in one or more doses, in the morning, in the afternoon or at night before going to sleep, as if it were a relaxing herbal tea. I’m not opposed to it being a bedside table book, and what’s more, someone whispered to me in a dream that many would consider that reading these pages would be comforting. I hope so!

In any case, and as herald, I hope and desire that with each reading you open yourself up to the new world which awaits us, and this is the beauty of it all.

Javier Expósito
Poet, writer and journalist

Traslated by Susan Elizabeth Boyle