Months ago I met the campaign initiated by Kate Granger (@GrangerKate) on the need to introduce to relatives and patients. I think is fantastic: talks about the approach, respect, importance of initiating relationships between patients, professionals and family properly. I recommend you take a look.

I thought her slogan with that little smile that suggested approach and kindnessand was perfect and I decided to contact her without knowing if my message would be lost in the vast sea of social networking and internet.

But she picked it up and immediately replied.

So we did it. Many hospital mates are focusing on this movement which is the humanization of health care.

And from here, the most interesting part: we are not alone, we are not a small group of idealists. We are many.

Many of us think the same way that we should consider patients and families as persons.

With a small gesture as introducing, that costs anything perhaps three seconds, we can create a turning towards the establishment of relations more therapeutic and more human. We show respect and confidence is brewing.

And meanwhile, after long conversations, the illusion of a project that speaks to people not to diseases, curing souls and thus… little by little, realize that while I walk this way also my most deep wounds are healing and slowly closing.

Thank you!

Isabel Murcia
Intensive Care Physician
Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albacete