Yes. An attack in the heart of everyone, which unites us in an identity in VALUES, which represents us as citizens of an essential UNION. An attack in our heart in Brussels.

Contemplate with me this picture of an airport terminal. The dusty air where cries of pain and terror spread. On the floor debris, baggage, crystals.

Source: El país
Stop. Look that baby car without its occupant inside. Your appalled gaze directed downward, two inert bodies on the ground. Below them, a little hand ….

In this unfortunate time of severe human crisis, let me seek comfort in the Attic. “It is therefore apparent that the city is above the individual nature, because if the individual can not be self-sufficient, it should be with every politician in the same relation to the other parts they are with their respective all. Whoever is unable to enter this common interest, or because of their self-sufficiency, you do not need it, is but part of the city, but a beast or a god. ” (Aristotle, Politics, Book 1.1) .

Aristotle, like Plato, considers that the purpose of society and the state is to guarantee the supreme good of man, his moral and intellectual life; the realization of LIFE MORAL takes place in society, so it is to society and the state, guarantee it. The concept of Democracy and Politeia (government of all in accordance with established laws) and its opposite Demagogy (government of all without respect for the law) arising from the presence or absence of this guarantee.

If that little hand teaches us anything, it could well be based on a phrase that Thomas More writes in his “Utopia”: “In my heart I can not find enough strength to speak differently from me my conscience dictates.”

Thank you.

Felix José Martín Gallardo.