Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Still of surf on the interview published yesterday by Elena Lorente in her beautiful blog De Tots Els Colors (it will be in English as soon as possible), a gift for me to open this new year. The most complete, intimate and personal interview which I have made, and I certainly think that it will not leave you indifferent because in the last hours that is the feedback that I have received. Thank you Elena and good luck with your new English version Bringing Color to Nursing.

Happy 2015, a year that will be exciting and full of work. Many blogs take the opportunity to look back, we will continue with the philosophy “step by step”. Many surprises ahead, and many projects in which we pass list. Here’s a short preview:

Next week will be launched to light the first movie of IC-HU Project, “Human Tools”, made to participate in the EVO Competition for SMACC Chicago 2015 which will take place from 23 to 26 June.

January 22 will be meeting in Madrid the members of the research project for the Humanization of Intensive Care. Sure that result of this will be realized the first scientific outbreaks that all we are waiting for and which will yield results that will encourage the necessary changes in our units.

SOCMIC, Catalan Society of Intensive Care Medicine, has invited us to close its 36th meeting on March 5 with the presentation “Beyond the treatments and techniques”, in which we will try to surprise again attendees and continue generating consciousness.

27 and 28 May will take place at Hospital Universitario de Torrejón the 20th National Conference of Humanization of the Center of Humanization of Health. This year IC-HU Project organizes jointly and will focus on the humanization of the intensive care. Advance notice, limited capacity for 135 people, with pre-Congress courses and a program involving patients, families and professionals of amazing reputation and curriculum come from across Spain. Essential.

And in the next Congress of SEMICYUC, from 14 to 17 June in San Sebastian, has been accepted our proposal of cross topic with SEEIUC on the humanization of the intensive care. Speakers national and international insurance will fill the main hall of the Palacio de Congresos Kursaal in Donostia. I remind you that there are 14 days to send your communications!.

By the moment this is all but I guarantee many more adventures throughout the year, because this idea grows and grows strong and healthy thanks to everybody

2015: A year ahead that will change the history of Intensive Care. It depends only on us.

Happy Friday!