– JUST AN IDEA: It’s time to stop, think and look at 360 °.

It is a comprehensive view of the current situation of the ICUs to improve care for patients, families and professionals.
It is a multidisciplinary, national and international research project

Humanize Intensive Care Medicine
Serve as a forum and meeting point between patients, families and professionals
Spread the Intensive Care and bring closer them to the general population.

– With a team of professionals of Medicine and Intensive nursing, with patients and family members.

– With three lines of research:

· Patient-centered care
· Focus on the families
· Focused on professionals

– With a desire:

“If we are able to send and spread the message of attention focused on the human being in the heart of medicine associated with technology, Intensive Care Medicine, the rest of specialties would be added and humanization would be extended 
to whole  Medicine”