Colloquially and figuratively, “Zombie” has been used traditionally in addition to the revived “dead” to refer to that task or entity that carries out its work in a mechanical way as if you were deprived of your will. 

In the health sector, we recognize three types of events that we quickly identified as harmful to bring to fruition the process of health-disease, whose correction, we know it saves us time and money. 

1. Patients who live their disease passively, carried away by the system. 

 2. Those employees who, by circumstances, have cornered his vocation that although latent remains hidden and make its tasks with apparent “non-involvement”. 

3. The procedures that we do because have always been done in the same way and they continue to be made without assessing the results that produce or design improvement plans. 

Excellent wake-up call in this regard is that Abraham Palmbach performs in his post There May be Zombies in Your Hospital

I think that the vaccine to prevent the spread of this ‘virus’ is already present in the enthusiasm and commitment that shows every day the healthcare profession, of which our work centers and internet are littered with examples. 

And if someday in a aisle of your hospital, you find someone faltering, lost eyes, who growls and stammering as he extends his arms to you… Remember, do not attack him/her!! 

It is not more than one person that need your help ūüėČ 
Jose Sesmero