Hola a todos, my dear friends.

We continue giving steps beyond the introduction of Yoga and Mindfulness in hospitals as a self-care tool for everyone: patients, families and professionals.

In recent decades, the terms Yoga and Mindfulness have been integrating and spreading gradually up to become part of our society as two of the most effective tools to reach a state of balance, global health, and fullness. The union of these disciplines helps to change the form of perceive ourselves, the world that surrounds us and our lifestyle to improve it.

So, from Proyecto HU-CI, we want to propose a two hours workshop in your hospital or health centre as a first contact. We are going to do this with the collaboration of two great facilitators and experts, Carla Sánchez and Rocío Macías to introduce both disciplines from the practical point of view so each time, scenes like this would be common in hospitals:

So, no doubt: if want to carry to out this great experience, write to info@proyectohuci.com and we will put in contact with you for make it possible. You can click here to download the dossier of this workshop (only available in Spanish) and submit it to your Teaching Committee. Why not?. We strongly encourage you to try this amazing experience.

Happy Tuesday,