Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Just ending 2015, and we have to give voice to Marisol Martínez, nurse of the Trauma ICU of Hospital Universitario Doce de Octubre and author of the most read post of this year (with more than 19,000 visits), to tell us how their research Project is going.

“We are developing a study on the effects of yoga and meditation on stress in health professionals of the ICU of Hospital Universitario Doce de Octubre. On March 4, 2015, Gabi Heras gave me the opportunity to publicize the project when it was still taking shape in my mind, publishing a post on the blog of the IC-HU Project.

Thanks in part to the enormous diffusion, we got the help we needed to do the research.

Last October we began the study and in December we have just finished collecting data to analyze as soon as possible. I don’t know that results we will find, but I can tell you that it has been a great experience for everyone, especially reading some of the wonderful reflections included in the survey of assessment made by my colleagues participating in the study and to share with you:

“I think that it is very important that in the hospital yoga classes could teach because in this way we could better serve our patients. I think that we must take care of the caregiver in order to develop a better work.”

“I have been able to observe that I can relax in hard situations concentrating on breathing and positive thoughts.”

“I have learned to value and namely to concentrate and relax in times of distress and carry it to my work”.

“It is very important to have self control and yoga has helped me to do this”.

“Above all, to find moments to myself. Be aware of my attention. And my body, to feel it. 100% motivated “.”

“When I do things I am more concentrated on what I’m doing, without thinking about what I have to do next. I give less importance to the small ‘problems’ of every day”.

“It is important to learn how to take care of yourself both physically and mentally and do it with a group of people powers benefits. It was a new experience for me, I’m going to keep practicing, if it could be here in the hospital with my classmates. And this time dedicated to yoga helped me to find myself more secure to things that happen in my life and see them with more serenity and safety.”

“To appreciate such simple things that crossed ahead of our eyes almost every day. Learn to focus in an orderly manner, first one thing and then another. Focus on emotions and empathize at work.”

We are looking forward to see the findings of the research, and enchanted by helping.

From IC-HU Project, we wish you a very happy 2016 and full of H.

Let´s keeping caring of invisible, all together. We are making our history.

Happy Tuesday,