Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.
From today, it´s available online the program and registration form for the XX National Conference on Humanization, with the title ‘Humanizing Intensive Care’ that will be held at the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón in Madrid, on May 27-28.
The Congress will be endorse by several Scientific Societies (SEEIUC, SECA and waiting for the endorsement of SEMICYUC), guarantee by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Office of continued education.

As you can see, the congress will begin with two workshops on May 27, from 10 to 13 PM,  and you could choose between Grief in ICU by Carmen Segovia (ONT), or Palliative Care in ICU, by Dr. Ricardo Martino (Hospital Universitario Niño Jesús). After the workshop we have arranged a touring visit in the Palliative Unit of Center of Humanization of Health.
The rest of the program is divided in different parts:
  • Should we open the doors of ICUs?
  • How to keep alive in ICU? The Burn-Out síndrome
  • Is there communication in ICU?
  • Humanization and efficiency: Is this a possible dream? 
  • What about families?
As in others Congress, there will also be the possibility to send your scientific communications and we want you to send us the experiences that you are carrying out.

The price of the Congress is 115 euros, and 100 euros for members of SEEIUC, SECA and SEMICYUC. This fee will serve to pay the travel of the speakers, as you can see, many of them will come from different parts of Spain.

We are still looking for sponsors to help us and be able to perform more activities during these two days. So do not hesitate to contact us to sponsor the Congress, in the way that is: providing material, bordering some of the lunches, scholarships for best communications, sponsorship of any of the lectures or courses, and so on.

We count with all of you for the broadcasting of the Congress, which without any doubt, it will mark a before and an after.

You can not miss them!

Happy Friday,