Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Today we want to ask your help in a worldwide survey about the ABCDEF bundle.
Oversedation, immobility, and delirium have serious implications for critically ill patients who are on mechanical ventilation.
The ABCDEF bundle has been proposed to reduce these conditions and improve patient outcomes.
The aim of the present survey is to explore worldwide the knowledge about the ABCDEF bundle (the F letter indicating the Family involvement being added recently) and the grade of its implementation.

The survey will be distributed worldwide. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete the survey. Your participation is voluntary and your responses will remain anonymous. Completion of the survey implies consent to use the responses/data for this research study.We would like to thank you in advance for your precious participation, which is key to the success to the present survey.To complete the survey, please click this link. Please be aware that this survey tool “times out” so PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONTINUE THE SURVEY UNTIL THE END TO AVOID LOOSING YOUR DATA.

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The Steering Committee:Dawit Amare (Ethiopia)
Elie Azoulay (France)
Giuseppe Bellelli (Italy)
Wesley Ely (USA)
Eddy Fan (Canada)
Timothy Girard (USA)
Shige Inoue (USA)
Younsuck Koh (South Korea)
Nicola Latronico (Italy)
David Misango (Kenia)
Alessandro Morandi (Italy)
Sheila Myatra (India)
Pratik Pandharipande (USA)
Chairat Permpikul (Thailand)
Simone Piva (Italy)
Jorge Salluh (Brazil)
Jeff Singh (Canada)
Tarek Sharshar (France)
Gabi Heras (Spain)
Yahya Shehabi (Australia)
Yoanna Skrobik (Canada)
Arjen Slooter (Netherlands)
Cheng Cheng Tan (Malaysia)
Ryo Tsuruta (Japan)
Dong-Xin Wang (China)