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We are honored to share a new publication, this time in Critical Care Medicine. Proyecto HU-CI has participated collaboratively with great professionals from many countries, and we would like to highlight and appreciate the work of our colleagues in Italy, especially Alessandro Morandi.

Worldwide Survey of the “Assessing Pain, Both Spontaneous Awakening and Breathing Trials, Choice of Drugs, Delirium Monitoring/Management, Early Exercise/Mobility, and Family Empowerment” (ABCDEF) Bundle presents the results of the global online survey on the implementation and knowledge of the ABCDEF bundle.

There were 1,521 respondents from 47 countries.

57% had implemented the ABCDEF bundle, with varying degrees of compliance across continents. Most of the respondents (83%) used a scale to evaluate pain. Spontaneous awakening trials and spontaneous breathing trials are performed in 66% and 67% of the responder ICU, respectively. Sedation scale was used in 89% of ICU. Delirium monitoring was implemented in 70% of ICU, but only 42% used a validated delirium tool. Likewise, early mobilization was “prescribed” by most, but 69% had no mobility team and 79% used no formal mobility scale. Only 36% of the respondents assessed ICU-acquired weakness.

Family members were actively involved in 67% of ICU; however, only 33% used dedicated staff to support families and only 35% reported that their unit was open 24 hr/d for family visits.

By now, the current implementation of the ABCDEF bundle varies across individual components and regions. There are specific targets for quality improvement and adoption of the ABCDEF bundle. Our data reflect a significant but incomplete shift toward patient- and family-centered ICU care in accordance with the Pain, Agitation, Delirium guidelines.

But re-writing our story is a matter of all and we are doing it. Thank you so much.

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