Hello everybody, my dear friends.

We celebrate today the post number 200 of this blog, and someone very special to me, that brother that I would have chosen If I could, wanted to send us a gift and a moment of reflection. Give it space and it will make you feel better.

I invite you today to come out of your work place, many of your hospital. And to travel to Niger without a doubt thanks to the excellent report published on November 9, 2014, in 
El País Semanal by Santiago Roncagliolo, Witnesses of Oblivion.

Here’s a small summary.

“Oumarou M. Rabe is a writer who will never be a top. He is a story narrator who feeds on the stories of the people and thus frees himself. But in Niger there are no editorials, just there are four universities and only read 29% of the population. Even so, no one can with his illusion.

It works with Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the district hospital. Every day receive a hundred patients, but the State only has the capacity to assign two doctors. MSF put nine others, apart from the logistics staff. They have also built the pavilions.
Source: El País Semanal

The main enemy is malnutrition, the medical name of hunger.

Despite the tragic environment, Oumarou is all positive energy. He is not a doctor. He is a sensitizer. He helps to promote healthy behaviors among the population and to combat the stress of mothers, so that they can give milk.

Oumarou also teaches courses in prevention against diseases and organizes a group animation. It is the only fun place of hospital. -We must win the trust of families – explains. If the doctor asks “How are you?”, they will answer always “well”. But if they feel that we care about them they will tell as how they really feel.

The difficult mission of the organizers of MSF is to change habits rooted in the population.

For Oumarou, people are more important than books. And in his work known many persons. “Everything I write, a story, or poem, is a humanitarian scream. I write about people who suffer, and work with people suffering.” He is interested in people talk. It is the key to his life: “Everything I do is related with words. They are our links with society”.

The smaller writer in the world, in their world, is the bigger”.

We don´t need great things to change our daily routine. The lack of means is supplemented with excess of imagination. And with enthusiasm. No more machines, not even money needed. The desire of a person is enough to make a difference.

Happy Wednesday

PS: Jesus.