Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Ends this week so intense with two projects with a common goal, Family Centered Intensive Care from The Netherlands and IC-HU Project, awarded for our work in the humanization of intensive care. We couldn’t be more proud and certainly respect and recognition that have attracted both initiatives encourages us to follow in this order: towards the revolution.

Thank you all for being there, connect and your fidelity.

Having said that, I didn’t want to finish these days without reblog Carlos Bezos with his permission. His article about design in hospitals according to needs of patients results in a fascinating topic and for me, as an engine of change. At the same time, he reviews another post by Stephanie Baum in Medcity News that is also a required reading: 

NXT Health made this question and organized a collaborative design between 35 companies to design a prototype of hospital room of 37 m2.

Source: NXT Health

Caregiver and patient-centric design. The philosophy is: as we cannot be at home, at least let´s try to be as at home. It is the trend: more  home care and less hospital rooms, but with a better design. And as Carlos writes in his post, there are experiences of design focused on the patient in Spain, where co-creation results in greater acceptance of patients.

And why not design the ICU ourselves? How would you them to be like?.

If a new Hospital would be built  and someone ask your opinion, what conditions are essentials for you?.

Come on, think great!.
Encourage and discuss your proposals in the comments.
Let’s build the ICU that we always wanted.

Happy Saturday!