Hello everybody, my dear friends.

Published in the pages of the opinion of the New York Times on September 4, 2014 by Pranay Sinha, I present this impresive article  the suicide of two residents during the month of September.

Photo by Anna Parini

The statistics are chilling: doctors commit suicide twice as the rest of the population, and whether they are women, three times. In United States, 400 doctors commit suicide a year being the most vulnerable young doctors at the beginning of its formation (up to almost 10% of the students have suicidal thoughts, according to a recent study).

The training programmes test the mental and physical stability of doctors: we work more than 80 hours a week during the residency. In a very few places consider this fact, since there are no programs that concern the welfare of workers.

Stress, social isolation, physical and mental exhaustion. Pressure from your superiors and from the system. Responsibility increased exponentially in a short space of time, from student to exercise the Medicina. And lack of knowledge of limit situations, since it is common to think that a doctor does not need help and and can no doubt.

The first months are filled with fatigue, which derives in clinical errors and need close supervision. And often all this ends in self-isolation and unrecognized depression. And more doubts.

Perhaps we have to admit that sometimes we need help, like the rest of humans.
That we can put voice to silenced doubts and those fears. The sadness of certifying the first death of a patient, to the mortification of mistakes of prescription, to the shame of not knowing an answer.

We are not alone.

A tired and depressed doctor may never take good care of their patients. 

We will take care of us to be able to care for others.

Happy Tuesday,