Only 33
hours from the Party of the Year, Intensive Care party, I would like to share a
very interesting article published in Spanish Intensive Nursing in 2007.
to the discussion raised in the entry of “ Hey Doc, could I possibly stay withmy relative?”, in which Jose Luis proposed a roadmap
on the schedules and the stay of the families together with their patients, we
are given some guidelines by the ICU of the Hospital Josep Trueta in Girona,
among which we could point out that professionals should aim  to give confidence and security to families.
have a vital role in the recovery of the sick, and they would help to create
a calm environment. If we improve the well-being of the families, we will thus
improve their support for their sick. Family needs in terms of safety, support,
information, comfort and proximity were measured through the questionnaire
CCFNI (Critical Care Family Needs Inventory). Don’t forget to read it and we
can discuss it in the comments.
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