The arrival of 2000 brought us technological development and globalization. This has meant that those things that needed months to reach Europe and years to Latin America today only are a “click” away.

The new millennium has certainly allowed advances in Science, diagnosis and treatment of diseases which  had brought an increase in expectation of life and ageing of the population.

Every day there are more people who need health care, but staff is still scarce in health centers, For many of us, a dream until a few years ago was finally developed by the Japanese industry. They have created a nurse-robot called “Actroid F” defined as a humanoid robot, whose purpose is to accompany patients and in order not feeling alone.


That´s makes me think about the essence of care and the role that we just exercise taking relief in the entirety of the human being that we attend, unfortunately the routine and a plethora of activities we have become “almost” robots.

But all is not lost… Unlike this “humanoid” we as health professionals, but mainly as humans have the ability to not only help users in person but to engage with them and their families, we have the possibility of being people… caring for people… and that can never be replaced!!

Veronica Rojas