Actually, a bundle implementation as a practice which improve quality and safety in the attention of critically ill patients is normal. Scientific evidence about the measures taken demonstrate statistically that bundles are positive.

But, what makes bundle ABCDEF  different from others?

After participating for 2 days in an intense “ICU Liberation”  course organized by the SCCM and Vanderbilt Medical Center  and stay a few days later visiting the ICU of this center and sharing with the research team ICU delirium, I can certainly say that the incorporation of these strategies is pure humanization, puts the human being in the center understanding the importance of teamwork and the vocation of service.

When we talk about ICU liberation, we talk about the opportunities we give every time patients are painless, awake and collaborating, mobilizing and in permanent contact with their family. We refer to the opportunities they will have later so that they can make their daily lives with dignity.

I had the privilege of spending time with the team led by Dr. Wes Ely. I met a coherent team between what is said, what is researched and what they do; each team member knows what they are doing is challenging and inspiring others to take that opportunity to the hospitals in the world. Passion and commitment have led them to be pioneers and also to develop support groups and follow-up clinic for ICU survivors.

I have heard refet the team to the “Vanderbilt machine” … Let me tell you that nothing is farther away, they are “the Vanderbilt family”: people working with people for people.

By Verónica Rojas