Hi everybody, my dear rogues!

I suppose you will think…What´s the matter with you today, Gabi?

Suddenly, there are a few times that someone or something makes you feel very good. Today the blog is 3 months old, so I could not imagine a better gift to celebrate.

I have just reviewed my mail and see this message from Oliver Flower, one of the creators of the amazing website www.intensivecarenetwork.com:

Then I click in the link that he has sent me:

And… voila!

They have written an awesome post on its website which speaks of HU-CI project!
They explain the project, summary objectives and share several of the post that they most liked. So imagine how I feel, from a small village in Madrid (Collado Villalba) and working in a Hospital (Torrejón) with 250 beds.

I hope you visit it and enjoy it as much as me, you share this post and I invite you to have a good time browsing the page of ICN,  it doesn´t matter if  you are an intensive care professional or  not because there are many toppics for anyone.

Within 24 hours of the end of La Liga, everything is possible!
Vamos ATLETI vamos!!!!