Am J Respir Crit Care Med on January 1, 2014.
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Pain in ICUs is an issue which is of concern to all professionals and of course, the
patients. Despite efforts to effectively control pain and start to evaluate
emotional aspects of it, our patients continue to experience pain.

The results from the EUROPAIN study  are
described in this article: cross-sectional, multicenter and international,
which assessed the pain during the procedure linked with 12 procedures usually
performed in ICUs.

In total 4812 procedures among 3851 patients were evaluated. According to the
results, the most painful procedures were the withdrawal of chest tube, drainage
of wounds and the insertion of arterial roads. The less painful procedure was
the mobilization of the patient. A risk of increasing intensity of pain and
anguish was found before the procedure and the day of the procedure.

The previous administration of opioid did not minimise the pain intensity. The
intensity of the pain of the procedure was minor when it was performed by a
nurse, in comparison with the procedures performed by a doctor or physical

They conclude that the results of the study have many clinical implications with
respect to the management of pain when performing routine procedures in ICUs. Better
management and indication of the procedures that are painful, should include an
assessment of the need for the procedure.

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