Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

We start this year with the illusion and magic of opening gifts of Santa Claus (The Kings in Spain), pure emotion.

2016 promises to be an intense year. And that joy also flooded hospitals, and the ICU.

Many stories have left these days, and we want to collect some of them.

In the IC-HU of Hospital San Juan de Dios de Córdoba, their Majesties in person came to greet patients, but they were not alone: inside a Box of ICU (2) with the choir of San Juan de Dios singing to Pilar.

Let us remember the famous parade by the Hospital San Juan de Alicante, where about 70 people, including professionals, volunteers, musicians and neighbors went throughout the hospital performing a repertoire of Christmas carols.

From there too, the manager Isabel González has given us a great interview with one of those headlines that do not pass unnoticed: “Medicine has lost humanity and I want a hospital that in addition to heal care for the patients”. The support from management is key to the rehumanization of the system.

Fantastic initiative of our friends of IntraMed: A tribute to whom spend their holidays working, with photos of professionals from all over the world. If you check the link you’ll see more than one familiar face…

And finally, don’t miss the post from La Banda de Blanco: Memorias de Baltasar (only available in Spanish) where they tell an story while the Kings were visiting the ICU: 

“While the Kings were visiting as official protocol and they greeted and chatted with nurses and auxiliary team, Melchor becomes aware of a patient withdrawing the ventilation and calling in a striking way.

Melchor said: “The tube!, the tube!.”

Kings and staff run to the patient’s bedside, assessing the surrealism of the situation, when the patient repositions calmly the system and tells us that he just wanted to draw our attention to send a photo of her daughter. The gift was for us. We removed the Crown of the cake, proceeded to the crowning of the patient and took a picture which was sent to her daughter.”

All of the are stories written with H, which pushes us forward with a single purpose.

We wish you the best and a Happy New Year.