This is the beggining of the interview published by Diario médico on April 6th 2015, to Dr. Andrés Carrillo, Head of ICU Department at Hospital Morales Meseguer in Murcia.

He talks about a management led to the expansion of the ICU and to facilitate the entry of the families to the untouchables boxes.

“To achieve the total quality we must reduce wastage, and surely we must begin by staff. When we have few patients, physicians and nurses could monitor ill patients from other wards that are not yet critical, detecting and treating the warning signs that could lead them to the ICU or, if they need it, accompanying them in the transfer with the relevant care.”

“There are many defects in the relationship nurse-physician that hinder the visit pass and joint decisions. To avoid them we should work as a team in three aspects: caring, teaching and researching”.

“To eliminate short visits is a step forward the humanization of the ICU,” he insisted. He wants families to join with the patient, involved in the care, witness certain processes and can even sleep with them.

“The changes could result in more conflicts by initial ignorance of the users on the ICU or major difficulties of professionals in its task, but long-term argue the paradigm shift towards the opening, increasing patient confidence in the system.”

We follow. Between everyone we are changing the paradigm.

Happy Saturday,