dear rogue:  we are launching the
promotion and dissemination of the opening of the Blog party, day 15 March
(Saturday), at 20.30 hours in Ancora.

the designers and I were watching the local, and I think without a doubt that
it meets all our requirements to make the event unforgettable and epic.
local has Public Parking, coat racks and all the comforts to enjoy.It has
three bars and  we’ll mount a specific
one for lovers of  mojitos, caipirinha,
and the famous Gin Tonic Premiums. The price of drinks will be affordable and
adjusted, between 8 and 12 euros depending on your alcoholic  concerns. And the Winery will be full!

here I want to thank Andrea, responsible for the room, for your work and  kindness. 
 I invite you to visit her website
and its space on Facebook because they do many activities for free which may
interest you: ballroom dancing sevillanas, English classes, performances by Paramount Comedy….. It is a venue that will be surely
talked about and that  makes a very very
good impression for the organization of any event.

invite you to the most rogue party which will become the party of intensive
care (first edition in Madrizzzz). We have endeavoured to create a very
attractive poster that surely will meet all your expectations, and with so many
friends, it is very easy to carry out all this. Maximum
punctuality is required, please. 

Thanks  to Tdj woodwork there will be a Photocall so that everyone may
have a reminder of their attendance, a professional photographer who will bring
you your best profile.
Pablo López, my desk colleague at school and journalist in Marca, will voice and lead
 the monsters of the performance that have
joined the party voluntarily.
Dr.Juan Miguel will tell us his daily stories. Sure that many of them will make
you smile and  which you will see
yourselves reflected in.
Carlos and Mary Carmen from Nacho´s Dance School, will teach us that you can fly with
their acrobatic Rock and Roll
then we will have three performances of the most varied kind that surely will delight
the respectable audience: Dindi and her spectacular voice, the rockers of Great Electric Appliance and Mary Lou & Cia, those beasts of the Jiveswing that will
make your feet unable to stop dancing.
will have Intensive Cakes catering and decor designed by Mónica Ferrero INTeriorismo and Gancemania.
when getting your ticket, you will be presented with the humanizing Kit in a
sealed envelope, which you will not open until we tell you to during the event.
A series of essential and magical objects that will make you remember the HU-CI
project and will make you smile, no doubt.

most important part of the party will be between 21 and 23:45. Then, who wants
to continue to carry on,  will have time
until the 6 a.m.
and there will be a DJ session organized by Ancora to burn out Madrid nightlife.
 I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank
José Antonio (Chief), Vicente (the next will be before Fallas, I promise!),
Laia Portaceli (congratulations on bringing Martina!) and Fran Chulingo for
your help in the Organization and the Fortyniners (especially Mar and Juan
Carlos) and Kike Romero because although  they cannot be in this one, they will be in
the next one.

maximum diffusion by word of mouth because tonight will be everyone’s and… we
are going to get a kick out of it!!

remember, there is a guest list so you must confirm your attendance at Tickets are being snatched from my hands

a lovely day!