We are living times when it seems that all we have been agreement on the same subject: to humanize. But I sincerely believe that we are many who inspired by the need to be and feel more human. We have started a project to try to make it true.

It must be something like when “coincidentally” researchers that don´t known each other, work without knowing it, in the same idea with an incredible synchronicity.

And by that same need, in the Association ViaManos, which I am volunteer, we believe that a better world is possible, but to do this reality we have to commit to give the best of ourselves, to assume our responsibility and set up our intelligence, our sensitivity and our ability to achieve that more humane society, an aware society based on values and not on things.

To contribute to humanization, we decided to organise a Conference (this will be the second edition), to serve as a meeting point to all those people who feel that interest of humanize and where ideas and actions oriented towards tihs common goal will be exposed. 

We have the pleasure of having some great speakers who altruistically, will bring us their experience and wisdom to create a climate of motivation that will help us in our aim of humanizing.

These speakers come from different areas, as health (Enric Benito and Jorge Carvajal), education (Pepa Horno), economy (Joan Antoni Melé), business world (Jose Mª Hernández) and volunteers (Pedro Pascual); all seasoned with a few very special touches of humor conscious (Fidel Delgado) and art (Daniel Alzamora-Dickin and Gori Artieda).

VíaENcuentro will be held in Palma de Mallorca on June, 6th to 7th June, at the Conservatorio superior de Música y Danza de Illes Balears. The entrance fee is €30.

From here we encourage you to participate, we need more human hands in health and in every corner of the world (link to registration form).

Sofía Sánchez, ICU nurse and volunteer of ViaManos Association