Hola a tod@s, my dear rogue:

We keep walking, and this time I have the pleasure to introduce you to what will be soon one of the most necessary collaborations for the System:

I would like to open the consultation´s door of Dr. Salvador Casado.

Salvador is a Medical Specialist in Family and community Medicine since 1997 and currently works in the Centre of Health of Collado Villalba. Tireless worker in all areas and with experience in projects of cooperation for development in Latin America. He remarks his five years working in Lavapies, where he learned what Multicultural Medicine is. He is currently Vice President of the Ethics Committee for Health Care of the Northwest Health Care address of Primary Care in Madrid, and member of groups of innovation within the health system. He is, in fact, a reference in the 2.0 and he has an own column in the HUFFINGTON POST.

Salvador and I share the idea that the disease is part of the biography of the patient, and that although the first contact of any patient is with his primary care physician, then arrives at the Hospital, and subsequently the circle closes when the patient goes home. We have a commitment with patients.

And we ask ourselves… Why is there that distance between the Primary and the Specialized Care, if we are part of the same circle? Our priority is to help, according to the intuition that the care of patients can always improve. So if life has put us together, there will be a reason.

Thanks to our first collaboration, I invite you to visit his post  that stems from a photo I took yesterday in the Office of Primary Care in Madrid.

Salvador summarizes it perfectly in his post The inverted pyramid: too much Head and too many workers. 
Is your ICU under staff?

Happy week!