My rogue ones : step right up , take your locality. 
The show is going to start. We are at 12 hours to live a wonderful experience. The Human-party!.
As you have seen, the blog continues growing as a baby. In fact , tomorrow celebrates its first month of life. He has left a button for the English translation by Cristina Calderón (good luck on your new project !) .
The reason is that after receiving the Scientific Endorsement of SEMICYUC , I have connected with Sherry Scharff , Communications Manager of the European Society of Intensive Care (ESICM) to increase the spread of IC -HU project . As many articles you could read and comment in the blog come from its official journal Intensive Care , then logically we will work together.
So there are many things to celebrate. 
With everybody,  we will make today´s night one night to remember .
I need your English punctuality. From 8 pm you could access Sala Ancora which has public parking next to the Plaza de Olavide . Many of you have asked me for dinner : there will be a great catering served by Intensive Cakes and La Espiga de Oro and it will enough to avoid that these Premium Gin Tonics not punish you too . There are still tickets , so if you want to invite more people in list , please do it today by WhatsApp (649141488) .
Waiting to see and embrace us.
Tonight , tonight .