Those who were lucky enough to share a little time with the great Mamen Segovia will never forget her formula for health counselling: REA

She breaks down to perfection and which is basically a balanced dose of:



Three magic words that taken to the reality lead to extraordinary results. Mamen also talks about the high technology which all people always have inside despite the crisis, cuts, titles, positions, etc. This human technology complemented with “other technology” encourages other results that are that are often measured in terms of morbidity, mortality, costs, stays…

These resources with others such as a comb, a toothbrush, a piece of band as a new ponytail, produced sensations in Almudena who wanted to transfer to Isa. And his son Javier has wanted to put in value to make it clear that, most importantly, what occupies a place in some hearts, has no material value.

If something gives us value as professionals is that combination of resources of her mother, that Javier is proud on Facebook and it has achieved that all those who have read the thank you letter of Almudena (the patient) sent to Isa (the Assistant of the ICU), at least today, we feel a little bit better.
This is a practical example of respect, empathy and authenticity.
Thanks Javier, Isa and Almudena.
“There’s something I want to share with you…

This morning, my mother, Isabel Sanchez Casas, came home from her job excited. For those who don’t know it, she is auxiliary nurse in the ICU of the Hospital Carlos Haya in Malaga. Last night she was on shift and a patient went to visit. She is called Almudena , she is 22 years old, and a few weeks ago suffered an stroke. My mother was one of who takes care while I was in the ICU and she came expressly from Granada to thank her with the letter that I attached here. 

I have already read it four times and I have been excited all the morning. First of all, I’m glad that you are already recovered, Almudena! Thanks for making me feel even more proud of my mother. From my heart, thank you, thank you and thank you because your words have given her power to continue working in circumstances in which, by damn cuts in public health, are not easy.

Mom, I hope someday, when I grow up, I could be as you and be the tenth part of what you represent. Your kindness, your love, your energy, your joy, your commitment and your love for those around you cross any heart.
I love you!”

By the way, Almudena has given us your permission to publish the letter.



My dear Isa, I wanted to have a more personal detail with you. Something that you perhaps have thought, because my mother could not keep the secret. But I really want to be an open secret and everybody knows how lucky I’ve been to have you by my side.

I have met a very particular Isa, an Isa that has gone beyond her work. You took care of me, but you also have worried about me as my mother would.

From the silence of the room, I noted how you worried about me with that motherly love and how you looked at me through different eyes, making me feel really special.

For sure you could say or think that this is unnecessary, you simply did your job, but being sick and spend many days there, sometimes despairs you when you feel you are better and are aware of it.

So many days there…How forget that morning in which you proposed to wash my head. You gave me a toothpaste and a comb. Those hair bands that you managed to get me beautiful with those braids and pigtails… In addition, you have given me that peace or tranquility, love and even that funny touch and always, always with that smile and that young spirit that you release.

You’re a great woman, my beloved “Mom Isa”. Your innate goodness speaks for itself. As I have written in the letter, things happen for something and our way was destined to cross, perhaps not in the best place in the world, but somehow or another, it had to occur. I am sure of that.

Thank you thousand times for giving me your best and join me on this journey.

I hope someday our paths will cross again and thus I could see your charming smile. But while it comes, if that day is to come, I want you to know that you are now a part of me and I will never forget you, because you already have a place in my mind and my heart.

I love you and I will always be grateful to you,