To know your name is not enough

I guess, because I know you, perhaps you are worried because your daughter is waiting for the results of her review. The companions of the afternoon joke, and send hugs to you trying to clothe from another corner, as a small or large family, gathered in a hospital room of dialysis.

Everybody knows everybody. We share many moments and that gives meaning to my work. We do not stop until to make you smile. I am a nurse and I am your friend and confidant. You are patient and you are my friend and confidant. Both of us pass the reality and know to look beyond.

We know that life doesn´t need dyalisis”.

Dialysis Units allow a privileged interaction with patients. We are committed and we practice an affable and close, comfortable environment for all, to offer care that go beyond.

Our work wouldn’t make sense if we don´t treat with the whole person. Care involves communication, interaction, listening, empathy, closeness, affection… Smile is not incompatible with our professional work. As professionals we should invite patients to open, only through this we can detect their real needs to be able to deal with them.

And to make this posible it´s necessary to create the right environment.


Our help and support App, Diálisis 24h, was born because we were in debt with our family of kidney patients. It grew out of after an active listening to their needs.

We do not understand the technology without direct contact, so we worked together for its development and implementation. We wanted that patients felt accompanied in their doubts on the day by day, in a way or another. For us, it is a project with soul, with which we intend to embrace from this corner to any patient who might need it wherever you are.

From dialysis, we join to the caring of the invisible.
A hug,