Hi Mom:

Although every day should be Mother’s Day, I think that it is necessary to stop and give thanks and say that obvious things we usually do not.

You had 4 children, so you have to left your work. I know that you would have studied, and that you loved Psychology. But you sacrificed your dreams for us. You didn’t have to do it, but you did. Without limits.


You had a husband with cancer very young, at the age of 62. And we are fighting for 15 years of daily struggle against the disease. And you take care of daddy each and every day of your days. You did it without a single complaint. And he couldn´t have the best care. He couldn´t have better help.

Mothers are a kind of Intensive Care Unit: because you give a unit and with your effort, honey, selflessness and love, take care all. You give your life for all.

And I am sure I have the best one.

Now it is your time to rest. We are taking care of you. We all need each other and there is still much to be done.

I love you.

PD: This video is dedicated to all Moms in the world!