My dear rascals:

Sometimes you just get excited when you know you are living in a dream . Remember, as Eduard Punset says a lot brighter than the Bimbo bread speech that ” Before Death … there is a LIFE” .

Indeed , a blog is far from a Scientific Journal.

Basically it is a blog: its outreach and penetration is much higher since there is a factor that makes it magical. And those are you,  with your replies and opinions.Thousands of thanks to SEMICYUC for have given its Scientific endorsement and ESICM for the diffusion in networks.

Who can talk to the writer of an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM ) ? . That is the greatness of the blog.Yesterday I updated the Human-Library section: In half and one month there are 17 articles from Scientific Journals from everywhere with the impact all know very well . That is, we are spreading Science. We are sharing knowledgement with countries we never dreamed : China , India, Australia , Arabia, Turkey, Japan , United States, all countries from Latin America .
But a blog is much more. There are photos, videos, message boards for sending me your new post and all … ILLUSION FOR CHANGE .

Welcome to 2.0, my friends.
Happy weekend.

Do not fail: keep dreaming!