Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Today I want to share 3 interviews I have received recently and really loved them, because they refer to things that normally we don’t like to talk: the world of emotions.

The first, an interview published recently in El Mundo to Dr. Christina Puchalski, whose headline is irresistible to me: ‘Physicians to connect with the patient are needed’.

The second was sent to me a few days ago by Elena Lorente (Bringing colour to nursing): an interview with neurologist and neuroscientist of the Favarolo University Facundo Mames, who thinks that “optimism is a cerebral protection factor“.

And the third, Dr. Jorge Campamà, intensivist in Barcelona, talks about transcendence and accompanying at death. And concludes: “Good doctors are distinguished in their struggle to become a good human being.”

All of them are really interesting, I leave tasks if you want a break for you and know these incredible people.

Happy Friday