Hello everybody, my beloved rascals:

What about these Easter holidays? It was fantastic for me, enjoying my family.

Wanting war, today I present you the video that will change your way of working if you do it in an ICU.

By  the great Dr. Nicolás Nin from Montevideo, I have received an email with this video that comes from the Antipodes.

In New Zealand there is an association called Hearts in Healthcare, created by Meredith and Robin Youngson, anaesthetist. It’s a marvel, so I invite you to visit it. So I connected with Robin via google + for permission to translate it to Spanish. He answered on the spot, and said that Kathy (the protagonist) would also be pleased to disseminate the message that we have to listen.

I do not extend because the important thing is the video. Invest 4 minutes, please. Always thankful to Paula Calderón for her brilliant translation and José Antonio Ángel once more, by the editing of Spanish subtitles

Just open the video and check that you have activated the Spanish subtitles.

Happy back to work!