Clinical trials of new treatments are published daily, and we are glad when one of these publications is our specialty-related thinking; “A new treatment that we can use”.

But we forget much simpler treatments. They could reach all disciplines and all countries regardless of financial resources.

And what is that treatment? Look at this story happened in our ICU, you will give the answer.

The ICU bell sounds, someone is asking for me. A patient, Sebastian, accompanied by his wife. I remember his face, and when Sebastian tells me that just one year before he has been admitted and has recovered from a Guillain Barré (neuromuscular disease), I begin to remember his case: where he was, the eye patch wearing by diplopia, tracheostomy for 40 days.

He wants to thank us the effort both to doctors as to the nursing staff and auxiliary.

He asks me if he can come into the ICU, to see where he had been so many days and personally greet the team, and we do, thrilling describing that days, he had hallucinations and great support from his wife that helped him towards rehabilitation.

And you are keep thinking… Where is this treatment?.

At the time I remember that we currently have admitted a patient with Guillain Barré syndrome, with a situation similar lived by Sebastian.

I ask the patient if Sebastian could meet her. She accepts. Sebastian begins to tell his own patient experience and the way he fought, with much suffering but without losing hope, and a year later he is completely recovered without any sequel, enjoying his wife and their grandchildren.

The patient gets emotional shock and understands that she must fight as Sebastian did to return to meet with her family.

Sebastian has taken out of the mood well where she was. Sebastian is the treatment.

I have never thought how useful reports of patient experience could be in patients who have been admitted to our units. And emotional help to fight to live.

This is applicable not only as treatment in ICU, but all disciplines and diseases.

Do not deserve this cost-effective treatment an international reseach so everyone could know and use it?.

Dr. Alberto Del Castillo
Hospital Son Llàtzer ICU, Palma de Mallorca.