Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

One of the actions of improvement proposed by the IC-HU Project is to recover the narrative for the Health.

IntraMed partners offer a free online workshop in Narrative and Medicine from October 19th to November 30th (only available in Spanish).

The proposal of linking Medicine and Narrative tries to bring new conceptual tools and cognitive skills in our daily work.

It is not literature, non-trivial stories, nor fine words, it is not a matter of graduates in lyrics but doctors, it is not a “humanistic ornament” but a powerful clinical tool, able to transform assistance in everyday practice.

The disease is not only an affected organ. There is a person who feels the need to explain what happens. A human being who get sick suffers a biographical disruption which obliges the person to rebuild his/her own identity. Also these silenced factors depends on the success or failure of professional intervention.

To connect with the works of the universal narrative in all its forms brings elements which enrich our ability to understand the suffering of patients.

The authors propose analyzing, enjoying, and drawing conclusions based on some fundamental texts as a way to enter the exciting world of stories circulating in the world of medicine.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

– To improve the clinical skills acquiring narrative skills for the practical physician.

– To get communication skills through the analysis of “stories” of literature and cinema that allow their application in patient care.

If you want to learn more about the workshop, please visit the introductory class (only available in Spanish).

For this occasion the workshop has been covered, but we want to test your interest to organize a new course in Spain.

Excellent opportunity, isn´t it?

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