Hola a todos, my dear friends.

Let´s celebrate one more time! We want you to join us!

The Council of America Society of Critical Care Medicine officially granted yesterday its endorsement to Proyecto HU-CI, becoming the eleventh scientific Society of Intensive Care that trusts us and the first non-Spanish language. Very very proud of the tremendous multidisciplinary team that I have the fortune to lead: we work constanly, rigorous, passionate and aligned with a single objective. When the head and the heart are united… everything is posible!

SCCM joins to SEMICYUC and SEEIUC (Spain), SBMCYTI (Bolivia), SATI (Argentina), SOPEMI (Perú), AMCI (Colombia), SOCHIMI and Red Intensiva (Chile), SECI (Ecuador) and FEPIMCTI (Panamericana and Iberica Federation).

SCCM  is actually leaded by Ruth Kleinpell, a nurse who has dedicated a part of her carreer to the study and improvement the pacient-family centered care. And as we have talked several times before, you shouldn´t miss the webpage of SCCM, where you could find specific sections for patients and families, support during the ICU stay, about post ICU syndrom within the THRIVE initiative or ICU LIBERATION resources.

SCCM  has considered that the misssion and values promoted by this International Research Project for the humanisation of Intensive Care Units are converge with its interests, and they had to add to this  #benditalocura (holy madness). From here we would like to thank the council support and to all of the american mates who have been helped us on the other side of the Atlantic:  Maurene Harvey, Judy Davidson, Wesley Ely, Samuel Brown and Negin Hajizadeh.

Keep on doing visible the invisible! We are getting it among all, and day by day we are more people with this commitment.

Welcome US mates!