They made us a gift.

One of those untouchables that are given with the heart and you receive with the soul and welcome with a smile.

The nursing team had achieved good results, and they decided to share that incentive with a motivational talk for all the hospital staff.

They invited Mikah de Waart (consultant, lecturer, and motivational Coach).

At the beginning people were reluctant to go to a talk on “Happiness”, but it had great acceptance.

I signed up right away. For me, it has always seemed very interesting. Something I would learn, for sure.
I came into the Auditorium and it was full. The smile of the lecturer also said many things… Giving a hug with another professional of the hospital seemed a miracle! Making a back rub, a laugh, disconnect…

Exciting with a poem, feeling the emotion to the most high, laughing at a time, and down to lower than elsewhere, as if we were in a roller coaster… So he made us feel.

Wake up, go back to the beginning, understand why I chose Medicine, why I do what I do, and re-motivate myself… I could understand that is the Happiness and in my hand. It is an attitude.

After an hour listening, feeling, smiling, thrilling me and removing our feelings… Happiness came to visit us.

We often have too many expectations of what happiness is… And it´s as close as the day to day contact with people, love our work.

We only have to wake up.

Dra. Olga Rubio
Intensive Care Physician
Fundació Althaia Hospital Sant Joan de Déu