Not long ago, a young woman came to Madrid from the South of the South to conquer the world, looking for an opportunity to work after having finished the studies for being a nurse.

Leaving home, arriving in a strange city, suffering thousand and one “NO” after delivering thousands of resumes. That was the beginning.

Sometimes we do whatever to get a salary that far it corresponds to many hours of effort and dedication. We might have a problem of self-esteem or perhaps just it is need.

So I met Enfermera en apuros: looking for work and in her free hours drawing on her blog, which was born at the same time that this one as if they were practically twins.

Just seemed bright to me: a bullet or a drawing, a look, a smile and a sense of “that´s also happened to me”… You don´t need spend many time, and that seemed to me a treasure in these times of immediacy. A gift.

I should not be very original and of course I wasn’t the only one who expected to see what would be his next post, the following joke and laught.

I helped her to find a job so she could continue painting and go on living, because without a doubt it was clear that that was her way. She made several drawings for this blog, she helped with the redesign of this page and follows our project closely. And meanwhile, she was building a legion of followers, which now reach nearly 25,000 on Facebook and nearly 6400 on Twitter.

Today I write this prologue which never she asked me, because today launches her first book:

With the mix of thrill of one “brother” and proud to see that good ideas will triumph always, I simply would encourage you to do what Ana did: just dare!. She started with her online shop and today is selling her book, which is available in stores such as El Corte Inglés, Fnac, etc:

I’m sure this book will be a success, because it is in absolute harmony with what she thinks and feels. No trap!.

Of course, behind every great woman there is a great man, so my most sincere congratulations for this project also to Urko, this very nice computer freak that makes possible the dreams of Enfermera en Apuros.

From the IC-HU Project, good luck and thank you very much for filling the health of this country fill with laughs. The troubles are better since we laugh with you.