Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. 

I have just come back from Santa Cruz de la Sierra to Spain after the adventure lived with José Manuel Velasco. So, many feelings as stars in the sky, such admiration and much respect that they don´t fit in my heart. 

It isn´t a coincidence: today is the second birthday of this blog and I must look back.

To return to the place where I decided that I would be Intensivist almost 16 years ago has been amazing for my. Seeing friends, receiving this generous and kind deal of persons who have limited resources and amazing because of their ability to listen, carefully and without prejudice. That simply moves me. 

And as you can see, time flies.

For 3 days we have celebrated the First International Symposium Humanizing Health Services in Bolivia, with more than 600 people attended the 12 lectures that we teach by different hospitals in the city and in the Medical College.

We return home with many things: a lesson in humility as Jose said,the importance of the power of the will and love for our profession. And the certainty that much remained to be done, and that is everyone’s responsibility.

Many things remain exactly as I remember them. The economic and social conditions in Bolivia are not how we perceive from Spain. Only talking awhile with people living there sharing a fruit juice is enough to realize how difficult that must be for them. Life expectancy of 63 years, almost 5 children per woman on average and a basic income of 200 dollars per month. Santa Cruz grew by 3, but the hospital beds remain the same: investment in health and education has been minimal in these 16 years. The mind is opened when more realities are known.

Even so, they don´t lose the face to life. They do not lash out, don´t complain and put hands to work. Because they accept with humility that ICU could be nicer places for everyone.

We are sure there is a new hope in Bolivia. By the moment, the creation of the group in Facebook Humanizando la Salud Bolivia as well as the Bolivian Center of Humanization of the Health Services (CBHSS), which will create various committees in hospitals to run the corresponding improvement actions and that we will keep a close and fluid relationship.

With all my heart, thanks to my brother and master Alex Castelo, Iracema Justiniano and José Luis Prieto for making us feel as at home.

And many thanks to my travelling mate, that surely returned with an smile from Latin America, its places and its people. And with the satisfaction of having done a great job, we take a break before returning.

If in Bolivia is possible to stop to think, I am sure that it can be done anywhere in the world.

Just let yourself be carried away by the power of your will, and have the proper attitude. The caring of invisible revolution has come to Latin America to stay. Together we add more.

We follow.

Happy Tuesday, Gabi