Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

We started the week in a different way, but I am sure when you watch the video you will understand it.

Sofía Sánchez, nurse of the ICU of the Hospital Son Llàtzer in Palma de Mallorca invites us to reflection. Don’t miss it, gives you 4 minutes.

On July 2014 we published the post Hugs and Healthy Hearts, presenting after a research about the therapeutic power of a hug.

After seeing the video, have raised me another reflection from the professional point of view. Something happend when we interact with our patients and families. And among professionals.

Sometimes we have to contain sadness, excitement, joy, despair, loneliness, hope. And many times we have to embrace those feelings. And without a doubt, something happend in all of us. Perhaps it is time time to talk about it, of all that energy that both for better and for worse, we accumulate through the years in our profession, and probably not know how to handle well. People touch us when we interact.

Perhaps to think that everything can be fixed with a hug is too much, even wars. But certainly, hugs are a powerful tool for anyone looking for the conflict, who, in the end, just give up. And I am sure that this is an experience that all of us have going throught.

We cannot run from that heat, those feelings and those emotions. That moments make our work a unique and wonderful space. But we also have to take care of us.

Remember not forget to embrace who we have next at home, accompany and taking care of us.

Sophia thank you very much.

Happy Tuesday,