Hola a tod@s, my dear friends:

Today we want to support to our partners of the ICU of Hospital de Galdakao.

From November 17 to 21 in Badajoz will take place the 19th  International Competition of Medical Cinema, Health and Telemedicine, VIDEOMED 2014.

We would like to thanks again to Dr. Luis Fernandez-Yarritu Suárez, head of that service. We can enjoy, support and spread their video in the competition. Powerful message in less than 3 minutes.

Here it is. I am sure that you will love and we need you to help in sharing the video to your contacts. Because it is the essence of the ICU.

And because teaching also form part of our specialty. What is not given, is lost.

Congratulations mates, I am sure that you are already winners for all friends of IC-HU project.

We continue providing intensive medicine.

We are professionals of the critical patient and work as a team. A world reference.

Good luck mates!

Happy Friday,