Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

The process of becoming sick is quite democratic, and that takes place by the mere fact of being alive. It doesn´t matter who you are, the money you have or how you spend in life.

Sometimes it comes suddenly, other overt way. But illness breaks into our biography and puts us in a situation of mourning, by losing the own health. Emotional health is probably enough to do on the fact of getting sick, but that is another issue that increasingly we will talk about.

In the new group of Facebook called UCI created by Dr. Eduardo Palencia, Dr. Luis Fernández-Yárritu Suarez, Head of the ICU at the Hospital de Galdakao, shared a couple of days ago two documents of opinions of patients after a period in the intensive care unit. We got in touch with Dr. Fernández-Yárritu as author and owner of the videos, and here they are.

Perhaps you will  know these patients. They are the writer Fernando Sánchez Dragó (shared a telephone interview) and singer Joan Manuel Serrat. From IC-HU Project, we share these documents with the utmost respect and gratitude to these patients that told their experience. I am sorry but the interviews are only available in Spanish.

Samples of grattitude, intense and happy moments and understanding the mysteries of life. The ICU view as an extraordinary world, where death and life intersect, s
peaking of the conscious and the unconscious. Where the patients highlight the role of the nurse, the angels without wings

As says Dr. Fernández-Yarritu, we should interview systematically to all our patients and ask them for the quality perceived during their admission to ICU.

We would learn a lot.

Happy Tuesday,