Hola a todos, mis queridos amig@s.
#2JHUCI has just finished, leaving a qualitative and quantitative trail. We hope it will serve to generate this change in small places, in many places, to change the ICU world.

The Conference was a success of participation not only by the assistance (no tickets), but also of interaction in social networks (1591 tweets and a potential impact of 295,000 people) and the follow-up in the virtual channels.

And these are some of the data:

#2JHUCI had also a large live coverage on the net, with over 4000 visits to the modules shared in streaming and more than 100 connections to Periscope.
And other curious and integrator data, which speaks of the first global echos because “the H” does not know languages: the post yesterday in Spanish by Fer Campaña (Tocados por la H de HUCI); the interview published yesterday in El Diari de la Sanitat, in catalan; and finally the post of Iñaki Peña, H-Rekin, in Basque.

Thank you everyone who created this magical impact live and in 2.0. We will share all the talks from the Conference, the fantastic potos made by Jordi Alcalá and the video with the highlights of so fantastic days (we are working on it, thanks to Storyhealthing by Kitterunners films).

Let´s down the bubble to Earth, and make a real change.

See you at #3JHUCI, next May 2017.

Happy Tuesday,