For fifteen days a pneumonia leads her to be admitted at ICU.

It´s time of First Communions for her daughter.

Auxi. Forty two years olf. Two weeks she can´t see her children. The youngest, a five-year-old boy and her girl with everything prepared.

“You are improving, but at the moment you have to remain with us”.

To Auxi the world comes above. I tell her that I have just been in the ceremony of an awards, “Optimistic Hospital”, and I give her two caps with the symbol of the organization.”

Do you think that your children will be able to come to pick up them? “.

Although her suffering, her face turned in happiness, similarity of how a closed sky of tempest let pass intense beams that penetrate for the clears that the clouds open when the calmness begins.

“Sure they can come?”

“Yes, and if it is possible before the First Communion “.

The management of this time was imposible to measure for the clocks of the soul. It is the first time that I have seen a suit of First Communion with the logo of

“Optimistic Hospital”. In addition, the kid gave us this drawing, so similar with the cap, doesn´t it?.

Thank you.

Félix José Martín Gallardo.