Hello everybody, my dear friends.

Today I would like to make an statement and announcement:

First of all, I want to inform you that I have submitted an application to European Society of Intensive Care (ESICM) Research Awards 2014.

With the Application: The International Research HUMANIZING INTENSIVE CARE: The IC-HU Project’, we would aim to spread the message around the world through an awesome research project. Of course, if we would get the Award, it would be an enormous boost international recognition. 
So I hope that all of you have “fingers crossed” the last week of June/first of July. 

And the announcement: The IC-HU Project is looking for editors.

If you have thought to collaborate with a post or you have something that you want to share, now your thoughts will accommodate on the blog. 

I am searching 5 editors between health professionals (nurses, physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc) patients and families.

My idea is to be fixed collaborators (one day per week) and if we manage to win the grant, I would value the possibility that your post were paid.

To make the selection, send me a post to my email: gabihache@hotmail.com. I only have 2 requirements: short post and with an image. Free humanizing topic, of course.

The deadline is 31 May.

Good luck, and thank you! Let´s go on!!

Happy Tuesday